Playing with Panels

Playing with Panels

The last panel I put together was for my LIPF in 2009.  When I’m taking/making an image I seldom think about whether or not it would work well in a future distinction panel or competition panel.  My ‘L’  was a mix from assorted work to date with no specific intent on actually creating a panel.  I guess you can do that for your L.

l-panel_800Since then I’ve often thought I should try and pursue an AIPF.  My work since 2009 was a mix of Landscapes, Seascapes, and some Model and Studio work.  I never seem to produce enough images in a coherent ‘style’ which would lead me to try and assemble an attempt at a 15 image A panel.

After taking a 2 year self imposed break from photography club and competitions to get some other life goals sorted, I’ve renewed my obsession with photography.  Initially I thought I’d completely lost all techniques and discipline.  My landscape work was uninspiring, I seem to have lost my patience waiting for the light.

I also felt that to pursue a panel of work of 15 images was not going to be achieved very fast with the rate I’d produced landscape images in the past.  Instead I thought revamping my home studio shed and shooting models may be a more productive way to produce a panel.

Elle Beth PanelSo far I’m very positive about the prospects, but still have a long way to  go.  From one afternoon with Elle Beth I produced more good images than I expected.  I produced more bad images than I expected also:-) for various technical reasons, nothing to do with Elle Beth!  Maybe an AIPF should be in my 2015 goals…