Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Today I’m heading off to California again on a work trip.  This time I’m on my own and travelling light.  I’d don’t usually bring my camera when doing short work trips, leaving Sunday and back on Saturday, does not leave much time for photography.  There’s one icon I’d still like to do justice since I ‘ve been to California over 50 times and seen it many more times than that.  The Golden Gate Bridge.  Probably the most photographed bring on the planet, so why bother?

Well there’s two reasons for me.  I’d love to capture a dusk photo from Baker Beach, and I’d love to capture the towers of the bridge peeking up though dawn fog.

So what to bring.  Carry on luggage only and 1 week of work clothes.  Not much room for camera gear.

Nikon D700
28-300 lens
Lee Filters and Kit
Polarising filter
Gorilla grip [no Tripod:-(]
Shutter Release Cable
Spare Battery [leaving Grip at home]
Battery Charger
CF Cards

So that’s it.  In deciding to take the 28-300 I checked some old pictures from my favourite spots around the bridge to see if 28mm was going to be wide enough.

Now all I have to do is keep affects of Jetlag to a minimum, get to the bridge in time for sunset next Friday night, and get up early for 6:45 sunrise on Saturday before heading to SFO to return home.