Golden Gate , Part 2

Golden Gate , Part 2

On Saturday morning I was up at 4:30am with my bags packed for the airport to return home later that day to Ireland.  First, my second attempt to capture another image of the bridge…

NiallCWhelan_20150905_248-EditMorning light was uneventful from the Marin headland.  So shortly after dawn I crossed back over the bridge to see if I could capture alternate images of this iconic structure.  Three things left to explore, colour, structure, and scale.

For colour, I kept pairing back the composition (like all great artists:-) ) to the most basic recognisable impression of the subject, and came up with this image…

NiallCWhelan_20150905_310-EditScale has many more possibilities.  You don’t have to wait long for a sailing vessel large or small to pass under the bridge to be dwarfed.


NiallCWhelan_20150905_341-EditStructure was more obvious, but in hindsight I should have walked the bridge and taken many more close up images. Maybe next time!