Revisiting the landscape

Lough Mask, Niall Whelan Photography,

Never delete images!



The above image was taken in 2008, I’m only got to post process it yesterday!  Back then I would not have used the same techniques and would not have been as happy with the results.  It’s not my favourite image from then, but others seems to like it a lot!

I’ve also re-processed images since then after learning new techniques.  The simple Dehaze Fx in Camera Raw now is a great was the bring clarity in the mountain scene below.




And this one!



And I’ve also learned better PP techniques in Lightroom too.  So the last image was only processed in Lightroom.




What’s encouraging about all this for me is that my composition and eye for light and a pleasing landscape scene is not much different from 8 years ago.  My techniques for capture and processing have certainly changed.  When you spend time in the landscape, the scene speaks to you, even if you do not quite know how to deal with it at the time. Take the picture, you’ll figure the rest out over time!