Easter Monday 2016

This morning my wife Liz was pouring over maps trying to figure out how to best get to Ashbourne and the Rath monument for todays commemoration.  I’ve never understood this kind of stress.  I practice positive parking, so unless you do too, you will perhaps not realise that any thoughts about “How” to find the best parking, or any remote acceptance of a possibility of not being where you need to be, when you need to be there, will only confirm your fears.  Positive parking is the absence of doubt, and the visualisation of your clear goal.  Works for everything, not just parking.

I offered to drive her to Ashbourne, and we were 6 feet from the flag pole, 10 minutes before formal ceremonies began.

NiallCWhelan_20160328_115Many of the participants in reinactment and ceremony were the same as in Donabate the previous day.  Access was resticted in Ashbourne so, even though we had ring side view, I was not free to move around for best vantage points as the day unfolded.  This Gallery shows some of the photos from today.  Many have the Weston family connection, as many more relatives from near and far, having never met before converged on this day in this commemoration.