Thematic shoot – Draughts

During the build out of the “Boat House Studio” as it’s no dubbed, I discovered Garett is not only a Plasterer by trade but has also represented Ireland in the Mind Olympics as a master Draughts player.  So when he mentioned he was planning to attempt a world record for winning 500 simultaneous games of Draughts in September, we fell on the idea of some promotional images to drum up volunteers and sponsorship.  Garett mentioned a reference movie from way back – the Steve MacQueen and Faye Dunaway version of the Thomas Crown Affair, and a particular Chess scene which I was not familiar with.   My mind started wandering to all sorts of elaborate location shoots and setups…

Watch me

In the end practical time constraints took over, but we were still committed to making some version of the idea.  So with my next shoot booked with the fantastic model Shasta Wonder we arranged the scaled down shoot in the studio last week.

Here are some of the images from that shoot… Best of luck Garett in your Record attempt!

You wont beat me Under Pressure The Garett Owens Affair Dual

Lost in Wonder
Lost in Wonder