It’s been six years since my last trip to Bangalore.  With a recent change in jobs, I’ll probably be heading there more often now.  I was keen to try my Olympus out for some travel photography and I managed to squeeze in two days where I had a few hours to spare.




















So last Sunday I headed off to vegetable the market and met some lovely families working hard, but happy to pose for some photos.




















Next I headed off to do some shopping and look for some materials I might be able to use in future shoots at home.  The driver recommended a silk factory shop.  The factory was literally behind the shop down a back street I never would have ventured down myself without a guide.  I felt comfortlable buying material here, as it was full of indian couples buying dress and sari material.  I could hear they were being offered the same prices as me:-)




















Finally, today I finished the weeks work early and took a stroll in Cubban park beside my hotel.  I came across this beutiful girl posing on the bandstand with her four college friends.  Turns out they were all camera enthusiasts and forming a club for photo outings.  They invited me to join them and I happily tagged along.  Looking forward to getting home to fully process all my images from the week!