EFIAP Home “Stretch”

My plan this year was to enter 2 or 3 salons a month to add to the ones I received acceptances in last year and my EFIAP would be in the bag in 2017.  Well, I think I was a bit too laid back with that plan… 2 months of salons left and I find I’m behind the curve, by quite a bit.

Number of works with acceptance so far; 50 – all good.

Number of salons entered 22; 8 more required.

Number of prints accepted: 9; 3 more required.  I’m not happy my prints never showed up in Smethwick from Northern Countries salon, but I guess I’ll never find out why.

Countries covered so far; 10 !! Oops! Thought I was further along that this.

So with the year end approaching fast I had a look at what salons remain and if I can fulfill 10 more countries and the remaining print requirements: here’s my calendar until January:


So by the time I finish entering all these I will hopefully have received enough acceptances for prints and countries to complete my requirements for EFIAP next year.  Not much room for error though on the country front; I have to receive acceptances in every salon.  By the end I’ll have entered 36 salons on my EFIAP journey.