Get your feet wet!

Heavy down pour an hour before sunset is clearing to the east.  Will the sun make a final appearance before it set in the west, and light up the clouds from below?  Will I watch the latest Thomas Heaton video, or get off my behind and make the most of a potential gift from nature?…

As the shower cleared to the east, I should have known, with the sun behind me there was a chance of a rainbow in the east too.  In this case a pair of partial rainbows as the clouds where still low, but perched beautifully over lambay.

Rainbow over Lambay island

I first dropped my bag and grabbed the camera with 70-200mm attached and took a couple of handheld images in case the moment passed before I could compose myself and a better image as I made my way to the foreshore.

The rainbow hung around as the sky to the west opened up and kept the sun on the slowly clearing shower to the east.  As the sun passed the horizon the light to the east diminished but the clouds began to be lit be the setting sun and produced some amazing light to the west. 

Time to get my feet and legs wet.  But I think it was worth it!