Soft Light

 Mother nature was in a funny mood tonight, rain, sunshine, mist, darker ominous clouds rolling in from the west.  Hard to know if there was an image to be had.  I started in the estuary looking northwest to the setting sun, but as sunset approached the oncoming clouds were eating any interesting light to the west.  When I look over my shoulder to the south east the reflected light on the departing clouds looks more promising.  So I pack up and head back in the car, drive to a seashore location facing east.

  As I reach tower bay there is a fragment of a waning rainbow just north of Lambay island.  Mist from the rain has clung to the top of Lambay, making a moody scene.  I try a few exposures on the cliff top, but really the action is closer to the water, where the gentle swell is breaking over the stratified rocks.

  It’s a race now to capture the right waves at the right time before the last of the sunlight leaves the clouds for the night.  I wait for the waves to fill the rock pool in the foreground.  Done.