I’ve been lucky enough to have some of my works receive awards nationally and internationally in recent times along my FIAP accreditation journey.

Judges Silver Medal – “Tower Bay“, 2nd Cork International Salon of Photography, Ireland 2014

Tower Bay


HM, “Gaze“, IPF National Club Competition, Ireland 2017



AFG Honourable Mention, “Joy”, ARTFOTO,  Bosnia and Herzegovina 2017


AFG Honourable Mention, “Cresent Duet”, ARTFOTO,  Bosnia and Herzegovina 2017


Salon Silver Medal, “Harlequin“, Golden Woman, Russia 2016

Salon Silver Medal, “Harlequin“, 2nd FKNS WINTER CIRCUIT 2016 – Kotor, Montenegro 2016

Bronze Medal, “Harlequin“, International Circuit “8 Marzo Fotografia” 5° Trofeo Fotografi Vestri, Italy 2017



GPU HM, “Rachelle on Point“, Photo Content Bulgaria 2016


Medal D’Or PSA, “Sienna in 1912“, 24e Biennale du Reflet Mondial de la Photographie, Belgium 2017

Sienna in 1912


 FIAP Ribbon, “Shasta“, Golden Woman, Russia 2017


IAAP Bronze Medal, “Pillar“, DEFSAD “Forum Camlik” 1st International Photography Exhibition, Turkey 2017


Salon Silver Medal – “Hope“, 2nd. DPW WMC Circuit 2016 Novi Sad, Serbia



IPF Photographer of the Year Competition 2015/2016 – National Finals

Honourable Mention – “Arches



DSLR POTY Competition 2015/2016 – Regional POTY – “Dark Beauty Bink

NSAPK CIRCUIT 2016 Monochrome section of Podgorica salon.

DPA Gold Medal – “Dark Beauty Bink

Dark Beauty Bink


Perspective Three – 2015, India, PSA Ribbon – “Rapahella on Point

DRINA 2015, Bosnia and Herzegovina – SALONS: TUZLA – BIJELJINA – HANPIJESAK

ARTFOTO Silver Medal for “Rapahella on Point”.

Raphaella on point


AUFBIH honorable mention ribbon for “Anne”.



PSA Bronze Medal in Tallaght International Salon 2015 for “Pressganged“, Ireland



FSS Gold medal – “Reflection“, DPW WMC Circuit 2015 – Salon Aleksinac, Serbia.



PSA Honorary Mention – “Anita“, DPW WMC Circuit 2015 – Salon Aleksinac, Serbia.



FIAP Special MentionHands Laid Bare“, 33rd FIAP Biennial – Monochrome, Korea.

FIAP HM – “Hands Laid Bare, 2nd .DPW WMC Circuit 2016 Aleksinac, Serbia

Special Jury Award – “Hands Laid Bare“, Perspective Three – International Salon of Fine Art Photography 2015, India

SALON Silver Medal – “Hands Laid Bare“, PODGORICA 2015, 2nd International Salon of Photography, Montenegro

Special Jury Award – “Hands Laid Bare“, Papyrus 2015, Exceedphoto India.

Elle Beth


Salon Bronze Medal in the Ruma Salon of Tower Circuit 2015 for “Repose”