A workshop with Ciaran Whyte

A workshop with Ciaran Whyte

NiallCWhelan_20140222_316-EditI’ve been a fan of Ciaran’s work ever since joining Celbridge Camera Club a number of years ago.  Ciaran was an active member of the club, eager to share his knowledge and skills with everyone.
Since my camera has spent most of the past two years in its bag, it was great to finally get the chance to dust it off and see what I  could learn (and what I may have forgotten!).  As it turns out last weekend was Ciarans last committed workshop, so I’m really glad I signed up!

NiallCWhelan_20140222_29-EditI had an idea of what to expect from the day reading Ciaran’s previous workshop blogs.   The models on the day where Holly (Ivoryflame) and Raphaella.  I’d worked before with Holly but not with Raphaella.  The venue was South Studios in Dublin.

Ciaran had us well warned that the venue was low light and we would be relying only on natural light if possible.  On the day it was a bright morning and a dull afternoon so available light varied from set to set and quite a bit during sets as well.

I think I struggled on many fronts, keeping focus, exposure, composition, model direction.  So from one day I’ve discovered lots of areas in my technique I can improve on.    However I did manage to bag some very pleasing images, thanks to Ciarans direction and the incredible talents of both Holly and Raphaella.